A Poem About Poker

A Poem About Poker

Where is the Poker God?

O Poker God, Poker God,
Why have you wronged me so?
My chip count has reached an all time low.

All I want to do is see a flop,
But I ended up working in McDonald’s, with a mop.

I even lost a game where I had pocket aces,
I got so pissed off, I punched a kid with braces.

This game makes me so mad, it brings my piss to a boil,
This game makes me so scared, it gets my pants soiled.

O Poker God, Poker God,
What happened to all my luck?
This game is just a big shitload of _____!

Why is it that I am so addicted to gambling?
Maybe that’s why you’re listening to me rambling.

I wanna quit and save my money and buy other things.
But there’s no joy like at the end-game when I’m counting my winnings.

O Poker God, Poker God,
I keep losing to others, why can’t I catch a break?
Bluffing is an art, just like cooking a well-done steak.

I just want to win a hand here and there.
But this shitty game is just not fair!