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We don't just provide websites, we provide the total solution at affordable rates. Whether you need a long term project or a rushed job, we have the solution for you. At BL Web Solutions, we deliver quality websites at affordable rates - so you can have your website and keep your budget! We have pre-made packages available - if you want web visibility, then get a package today...

Website Updates

Our Commitment to You

Website Updates

We at BL Web Solutions live by the following principles: efficiency, economical, and excellence. We provide solutions for you that are fast, affordable, and high quality.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will revise your website or project until you are 100% satisfied. This is our commitment to you.

Website Updates

Our Services

Website Updates

Our diverse range of skillsets include: website development and design, website updates, Wordpress websites, Wordpress themes, Wordpress plug-ins, as well as email templates. If you want other services not listed, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Website Updates

Websites for Internet Marketers

Before you make those tens of thousands of dollars, you are going to need a website with a sales page that explains your compelling offer, as well as payment processing, and all the other nitty gritty details that you don't want to deal with. As an internet marketer, you can have:

  • Compelling, eye-grabbing sales templates that get your viewer's attention
  • Sales pages that generate interest so that your prospects will order from you
  • Sales scripts and payment processing scripts that automatically pay you when your customers order - all you have to do is count the money!
  • We provide the solution so all you have to do is focus on content - then sell to the masses

Websites for Entertainers

Whether you are a musician, rock star, or comedian, a web presence will help you expand your fame and make your name as big as you want. As an entertainer, you can:

  • Update your fans of pending events - so they know when your next performance is
  • Increase merchandise sales and boost ticket sales
  • Use your web presence to gain more fans
  • Showcase your work - we know you're proud of what you do, so let the whole world see how good you are!

Business Websites

If you want to have a website for business uses, we can do that as well. You should get a business website if you

  • Are in the real estate business and want to set up websites for your clients
  • Are a service provider, such as a laundry service, cleaning service, or car service
  • Own a restaurant and want a web presence for your place, so more people know about it and come to you
  • Are a chiropractor and want to attract new customers for your business

Websites for Network Marketers

You work hard to build a business, so why not make a web presence that does some of the grunt work for you? With a web presence, you can:

  • Capture your prospect's contact info and let your mailing list follow up with them automatically
  • Let your prospects know who you are and what you represent
  • Have a central source of information where you can train your teammates
  • Bottom line - more profits for your business!